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About MindRover

MindRover for MBA Colleges is a unique Tata Motors case study competition that invites solutions to challenging problems from the best minds on the best campuses!

It is open to all B-School campuses across India. The objective of this inter B-school challenge is to provide students with an exciting opportunity to ideate and come up with solutions to real-time issues faced by the auto industry.

We are looking for bright minds that possess sound business management knowledge, have an eye for detail and are ready to take that extra leap of faith, differentiating them from the rest.

So form your teams and get cracking !!

Important Dates

5th Dec, 2018

Registration Open

15th Jan, 2019

Registration Closes

15th Jan, 2019

Last Date To Submit Solution

4th Mar, 2019

Declaration of Top-10 Regional Teams

8th Aug, 2019

Regional Round Winners Declaration