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1. So what's all the fuss about MindRover for MBA campuses? What makes it so great?

MindRover for MBA campuses is a unique business case challenge open to management students pursuing their Post-Graduate studies. The objective of this challenge is to provide students with an exciting opportunity to ideate and come up with solutions to real-time issues faced by the auto industry.

2. Who can participate in MindRover for MBA campuses?

MindRover is open to bonafide students currently pursuing a two year full-time master’s degree in management. This contest is open to all students from B–Schools that are accredited by AICTE and UGC. Part-time or Executive program students are not eligible to participate.

3. What should be the Team Size and Composition?

Form teams of three - all from the same campus. There can be a mix of students from different specializations in a team. Multiple teams of three from the same campus are allowed. A team should comprise of students pursuing their Post-Graduate courses only.

4. I am a first-year student. Can I include a second-year Student in my team?

Yes. A team can comprise of students irrespective of whether they are from the first year or second year of their MBA course.

5. Am I eligible to participate in case I go for an International Exchange Program?

Students going on Exchange programs are welcome to register for MindRover provided they are a part of the 3-member team, in which not more than two members are traveling forthe exchange program. So in case you get shortlisted for the grand finale, at least one member is present in the country to attend the grand finale event and make a presentation to the senior jury.

6. I have participated in the previous MindRover season. Can I register again this year?

Of course, you can.

7. How do I register for MindRover for MBA colleges?

Fill the registration form and complete the authentication procedures on the MindRover website -
Violation of the eligibility criteria will automatically disqualify a team and bar it from moving ahead in the competition.

8. How do I download the case study?

Download the case study from The Case section from the MindRover website.

9. What should be the format for uploading the presentations?

Participating Teams are expected to upload their presentation entries in a zipped file format only. This could be a winzip or winrar file.

This zipped folder would contain one mandatory component and one optional component. Both these components should be zipped together in one folder before being uploaded on the website. Please read the details as mentioned below.

i. Mandatory component:
Your Microsoft PowerPoint file with due speaker – notes and supporting material, so as to enable the Jury to make full sense of the ideas and strategies presented. The main solution should not exceed 10 slides including title slide and has to be in PowerPoint format only. Any additional content for the judges to refer can be included in the annexure slides after the 10th slide.

So for example if your ppt has 20 slides, the first 10 slides would be the main solution and the remaining 10 slides would be supporting material. Only ppt format accepted.

The naming convention for the ppt file should be:

ii. Optional component:
if your entries have an audio/video compenent that is used to explain your ppt, then include the same in the main zipped folder before uploading it. Also state with a clear comment in your ppt so that the jury member knows that the movie is to be seen alongside the rest of the presentation. However, the media file duration can’t exceed 3 minutes and should be easily executable via VLC Media Player.

The naming convention for the additional file should be:

10. What is the deadline for submission of entries?

Please visit the MindRover for MBA Colleges Facebook page and website for a timeline of events.

Entries must be submitted before the deadline which is communicated on the website and the Facebook page. These pages may receive high traffic around the deadline. Hence, we request the teams to take care and to upload their entries well in advance keeping in mind the same.

11. How do I submit the final presentation?

Submit your presentations on the MindRover website by clicking the UPLOAD SOLUTION tab.

12. What is the criteria for shortlisting entries for the subsequent rounds?

Every entry uploaded will be evaluated by a panel comprising of senior leaders from the business. Novelty of ideas, due diligence, impact and feasibility to implement, clarity of concept are some of the parameters we are looking for in your presentations.

13. What should I do if I face any technical issues at various stages with regards to team registration, presentation submission etc.?

Send in your technical queries to
When you send your queries, please also mention your name, your campus name, your specialization and team name.

Important Dates

5th Dec, 2018

Registration Open

15th Jan, 2019

Registration Closes

15th Jan, 2019

Last Date To Submit Solution

4th Mar, 2019

Declaration of Top-10 Regional Teams

8th Aug, 2019

Regional Round Winners Declaration